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Where there is no brain imaging: Safety and diagnostic value of lumbar puncture in patients with neurological disorders in a rural hospital of Central Africa

Deby Mukendiab Jean-Roger LiloKaloa Tharcisse Kayembeb PascalLutumbaab BarbaraBarbéc PhilippeGilletc JanJacobs cd Cedric P.Yansouni e François Chappuisf Kristien Verdonckg Marleen Boelaert g Andrea S.Winklerhi Emmanuel Bottieauc Abstract Analysis of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) obtained by lumbar puncture (LP) is an essential step for the diagnostic...
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Drug use in the management of uncomplicated malaria in public health facilities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

NsengifY.f Ntamabyaliro 1* ,fChristianfBurri 2,3 ,fDidierfB.fNzolo 1 ,fAlinefB.fEngo ,f SamuelfM.fMampunza 1,4 ,fCélestinfN.fNsibu 1,5 ,fGauthierfK.fMesia 1 1 ,fYvesfN.fLula ,fJean‑MariefN.fKayembe 1,9,f LeonfM.fKintaudi 8 fandfGastonfL.fTona 1 1,6 ,fJorisfL.fLikwela 7 Abstract Background: Malaria the first causes of death from parasitic infection worldwide. Interventions to reduce the burden of malaria have...
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