Dear Professor. Kayembe Ntumba,

It was a real pleasure to meet you in your office on March 7th and to learn more about your passion for the Medical University. I thank the Diekmbe Mutombo Foundation for making our meeting possible and am sincerely grateful to the executive director of the foundation for accompanying me to the meeting.

A brief summary of our meeting is below. Several areas were discussed including:

  1. The new pharmacovigilance system which our group is assisting the Liberian government to develop and implement.
  2. The need for a safety database as a cloud-based system
  3. The potential to involve the university in an initiative to test medications
  4. Potential to conduct biomedical research
  5. The need for training in the area of community healthcare
I would like to thank you sincerely for providing a copy of your strategic plan, which I have read with great attention from cover to cover.
As discussed in your office, the UN has issued « Sustainable Development Goals » (SDGs) through the year 2030, which are build on the premise that today’s children will be university graduates by the year 2030. Therefore, if we invoke measurable change in this generation, so we may impact a generation. These children will have graduated from college by 2030 and as the future world-changers.
As submitted for your consideration, it may then be helpful to map the Strategic Plan to the UN SDGs 2030 in order to secure funding for UN-related initiatives.
I promised to send you a link to the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030 and the link is as follows:
As you consider where these fit within your strategic plan, SDG 2030 is for Health is SDG #3.
At the time we met, I promised to connect you with the Pharmacovigilance effort in Liberia. To be copied on a subsequent email is James Goteh. who is the Chief of Pharmacovigilance for the nation of Liberia.  He is familiar with all of our projects and I have spoken with him about your team and projects/
He is more than happy to collaborate with you on your PV initiative.
I am happy to help at any time so please do not hesitate to ask.

Warm regards,

Lisa Travis

President and CEO