Auteur : Jean Marie KAYEMBE Docteur en Médecine

[otw_shortcode_info_box border_type= »bordered » border_color_class= »otw-silver-border » border_style= »bordered » shadow= »shadow-down-left » icon_type= »general foundicon-idea » icon_color_class= »otw-aqua-text »]Edited by Jean-Marie Kayembe Professor Jean-Marie Kayembe Ntumba, MD, PhD Professor of Pneumology, Faculty of Medecine, University of Kinshasa/DR Congo Editor of Annales Africaines des Médecine Coordinator of SACIDS (Southern African Centre for infectious Disease Sureveillance) Member of European Respiratory Society; Société de Pneumologie de la Langue Française (SPLF); SAPLF(Société Africaine de Pneumologie de la Langue Française); Pan Africain Thoracic Society (PATS) Honorary Deputy Dean/Faculty of Medecine/Unikin Chief of the Departement of Lung Disease/University Hospital of Kinshasa.[/otw_shortcode_info_box]

In this book dealing width the lung health, the authors focus on various fields, spreading from pulmonary oncogenesis, to onflammatory and parasitic lung disease.
The first section deals with the fundamentl research on lung cancer that is mandatory for the development of novel and early biomarkers for diagnosis of the lung cancer. This development could be enhanced using experimental models despite the species barrier. Mouse models can help us understand the sequence of events involved in human lung neoplasia and their underlying molecular mechanisms. The results of the research could be used to identify novel trgets for the development of new biological therapies.
In the second of this book, the role of inflammation in various respiratory disease is outlined. The authors recall cellular mechanisms including neutrophils to improve the undestanding of the phenomenon and help develop targeted therapies.
The third section on parasitic tropical lung disease highlights the growing importance of neglected tropical disease due to increased traffic across the continents and migration of the population. Physicians need to be aware of the symptoms and imaging finding of these disease mainly in travelers and immigrants from tropical endemics areas.

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